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The World's smallest vegetable with benfits backed by science.

An easy and impactful nutrition solution that can change the way we think about food and wellness.
Today's food for
tomorrow's good.

Right now, humanity's relationship with Earth is heading in a bad direction By 2050, 10 billion people will share the world. Keeping everyone fed and well-nourished posses a serious problem.

With its nutritional value and neutral taste, Mankai helps more people embrace a plant-forward solution that reduces meat-based foods and makes a real difference for imminent crises like food shortage, water shortage, and land degradation.
Even a tiny,
can help postpone
the crisis
by a decade
or two
It took 6 years of R&D to cultivate this wholesome ancient green to perfection

Using advanced agri-tech and a proprietary cultivation algorithm, we are able to grow Mankai™ in a cutting edge, dynamically adaptive hydroponic system that requires minimal resources

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uses little light

uses little water

No waste

can be grown anywhere

daily harvest, year-round

doubles in mass every 72 hours